Create a Video Thinking Product

ART can be applied to any subject so while the content may change, the framework doesn't.

Discover how video can be leveraged to improve critical thinking skills and connect students with audiences beyond the four walls of the classroom. Learn how to use a framework to build upon the pillars of current Standards and principles of effective communication, where students consider the impact to the viewing Audience, their Role in the communication, and their video Technique in 1-2 minute video thinking products.

Here’s an overview of how each project is structured.


Step 1: Assign

Students are given the project assignment at the beginning of a class period. After a 5-minute explanation, they break up into groups of 3-5 students.

Step 2: Plan

Student groups are given 30 minutes to plan the shoot. This includes storyboarding their audio and visual content to maximize their time with the iPad.


Step 3: Shoot

Each group is given 10 minutes with the iPad to record their video. All videos must be a single take of under 60 seconds. No editing is allowed.

Step 4: Evaluate

Using an ART-specific review form, students critically evaluate videos from all groups, providing feedback to groups for future improvement.



Parents: Want the ART of Video in your child's class?

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