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Students may not realize it, but they’re very effective at identifying target audiences. That’s why they speak differently when around parents versus friends.


Supporting students in constructing and revising explanations based on valid and reliable sources from multiple sources is a challenge. Video helps makes it more engaging for the student.


While no previous video experience is required, students will quickly learn that a sideways camera or a covered microphone can significantly impact their ability to effectively communicate.


For their first video product, students are challenged to pick any object in the classroom and create a 60-second advertisement selling that item. Each “infomercial” must contain a claim, three pieces of supporting evidence and clear reasoning for why someone should buy the item. Like the car advertisements, students should direct their communication to a clearly defined target audience.


Victoria, Rebecca, Rachel and Morgan


Teachers who use whiteboards


We were making the claim that Expo whiteboard cleaner is the best option for teachers.


We had one person hold the iPad while the other two were on camera holding props and speaking. The cameraman moved in and out to focus the viewers’ attention where we wanted it.

Teacher Reflection

“Video is a powerful tool to support student meaning making, communicate student thinking, and reveal student understanding of content and skill. Preparing for a video product engages students and encourages critical and creative thinking. On Video shooting days, students are engrossed in thought and conversation with others as they storyboard and shoot videos to communicate understanding of a problem or question.”

Tricia Shelton, Boone County High School Teacher

Parent Reflection

“I absolutely love that the introduction of video has made it’s way here. Being in the financial industry I find that quite often I have to do video conferencing and public speaking. The fact that Mrs. Shelton and other teachers have introduced video to todays students is a beautiful thing. I’m excited to be a part of this and I hope to see that more teachers become more engaged in something that’s been so creative and innovative and has had such a great impact in this classroom.”

Jaime Hawn, Parent of two high school students


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